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Graeme Priddle

Graeme creates brilliant sculpture and woodturned projects from his base in New Zealand. Check out his new website here. Full of pictures and discussion.

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Nest Houses Made from Trees

Amazing structures created from trees by Patrick Dougherty

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Clifton Anniversary Woodworking Planes

Clifton are celebrating their 10th anniversary making high quality woodworking planes. A Limited Edition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of woodworking plane making at Clico Sheffield. 25 planes fo each type will be made with walnut handles and will be engraved … Continue reading

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Oire Nomi Suminagashi

These chisels are made from blue steel in the Sanjo region of Japan. They are blacksmith made chisels and come ready sharpened. The high carbon-steel edge guarantees perfect sharpness and precision and is backed by a body of softer iron … Continue reading

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Handmade and built

Richard Maguire benches are undoubtedly some of the finest workshop benches on the market.  Not only is there a brilliant range of versatile benches but he also created customised designs. To view the Richard Maguire Bench range click here.

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Upside Down Chair

This Chair was designed by Floris Wubben and was made by patiently growing and knotting the wood to form the shape. 

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Hand Forged

Amazing handcrafted woodworking tools from Auriou toolworks in France Click here for more info

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