Great to see the Latest Issue of British Woodworking


To anyone who reads British Woodworking or knows Nick Gibbs you will be aware that this is not just the next issue of British Woodworking. This is the first issue since Nick’s accident earlier this year. Therefore it is fantastic to see this issue land on our desks!

Nick says this issue is shorter than usual, it may well be but there is still plenty in there for readers to enjoy. We will give you a taste of some of the things included in this issue in a minute and it would be easy to tell you a lot more but you really need to get hold of a copy and have a read for yourself.

Articles to look out for include Derek Long’s review of To Make as Perfectly as Possible published by Lost Art Press, On Test Better Shave Kits by John Lloyd, and Back to the Shed to name just a few – happy reading!

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