Working Wood 3: An Artisan Course with Simon James

WW3 Book Cover
We are awaiting a delivery of this latest book in the series, with accompanying DVDs to follow in the future.

WORKING WOOD 3 is part of the Artisan course of books and accompanying DVDs providing clear and inspiring woodwork teaching for all skill levels.
Series 3 is about getting your workshop set up for cabinet making with a great array of shop-made jigs and devices; learning the set up and use of many specialist tools, and developing a range of new woodworking skills and techniques.

Simon James brings a fresh perspective to teaching woodwork, one that is very firmly based on the skills and techniques from the past, but with a passion to communicate them clearly to a modern audience and often with some fresh new insights.

If you do not have the other book and DVDs, further information can be found by clicking here

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