Staked Sawbenches

Staked Bench

With a pair of saw benches à la Chris Schwarz (from The Anarchists Design Book  – published by Lost Art Press) on the horizon for my next build, my eyes have been peeled looking for staked furniture or anything that provides inspiration for such a project. I always like seeing a range of pieces in the style of the project I’m about to work on as it opens my eyes to more than just the initial inspiration I had to build it in the first place.

And what better place to find said inspiration than at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum.

With little opportunity over the weekend to take a look around, fortunately the one building I did venture into, housed this…

I particularly like the way the legs are square in section at the bottom and the corner chamfers taper to where it is equally faceted at the top creating an octagon where it then transitions into the round tenon. I also love the awesome furrows left on the top left by the fore/scrub plane.

I expect this will play a part in the design of the saw benches… When I get around to them.

Ryan Saunders

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  1. Ethan Sincox says:

    Excellent staked bench, Ryan! Thanks for sharing.

    I, too, love those legs. It SEEMS complicated, but… I’ll ponder it a while and see what happens.

    I think I will have some staked benches come up in my to-do list at some point, but maybe a more distant future. We saved a bunch of first-cuts off of the 9 walnut logs we milled last month. Figure they might make some good staked bench tops.

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