London International Woodworking Festival

The London International Woodworking Festival looms large on the horizon.

The brainchild of Derek Jones, latterly editor of Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine. this new event enjoys an urban location in East London with quite a stellar first line up for the discerning woodworker.

Courses are running before and after the 26th & 27th October weekend festival (more info on courses here ) as well as a seminar programme during the festival.  The seminars are included in the entrance fee to the show. Tickets can be bought in advance here.

Classic Hand Tools have been invited to attend the Tool Bazaar which runs only on the Saturday and Sunday. We will bring along a selection of fine hand tools and will have Roger Benton from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks with us on our stand plus the extremely knowledgeable Richard Arnold who is representing Mortise & Tenon Magazine.

Chris Schwarz will be popping by to sign copies of Lost Art Press Books from time to time when not delivering his seminars. We will have a selection of Bad Axe Saws for sale and many other sundry high quality hand tools. If you have any special requests then please let us know well in advance as we simply can’t bring everything! We are also offering to ship tools bought at the show to your address so you don’t have to lug tools across London if using public transport.

We are not the organisers of the festival, just glad to be invited. The festival website has most if not all of the answers to questions you may have.

We hope to see you there for what we hope will be the first of many London International Woodworking Festivals.

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  1. Carolus Reinecke says:


    I booked a weekend ticked, but unfortunately have not received the tickets yet. I paid with PayPal, reference 1AH65082KG877470Y. I will take proof of payment with me on Saturday, hopefully it will be sufficient.

    Carolus Reinecke

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