Mouldings in Practice – Matthew Sheldon Bickford

We are getting a lot of early pre-sale interest in this book.

It is from those great people across the pond at Lost Art Press (Chris Schwarz and all). This is what Chris is saying about the book..

“Mouldings in Practice” by Matthew Sheldon Bickford explains how to make mouldings in a simple way that I have never ever encountered – either in print or from an instructor.

The book turns a set of complicated mouldings into a series of predictable rabbets and chamfers that guide your hollow and round planes to make anything –- anything –- that has been made in the past or that you can envision for your future projects.

““Mouldings in Practice”” is accessible for even the beginning hand-tool woodworker. It uses more than 200 colour illustrations and dozens of photos to explain how to lay out, prepare for and cut any moulding you can draw.

This book is hardbound and covered with cotton. Old school.

We expect to be shipping this book in mid to late August.

£28.50 can be pre-ordered here

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