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Gransfors Axes, a Stanley Plane & a Sharpening Stone…

We have recently had a delivery of a few Gransfors Bruks Ancient European Axes;

511 Bearded Axe with Eye Socket
505 Four Lugged Chopping Axe
501 Two Lugged Chopping Axe
503 Two Lugged Bearded Axe
509 Danish Broad Axe

Further details on these axes can be found by clicking here

Also available for sale is a Stanley #113 Compass Plane in good user condition, priced at £85. If you are interested in this one please give Alex a call on 01473 784983.

Last but by no means least for today is the new Toishi Ohish 6,000/10,000 priced at £82.50, the ultimate combination stone. Further details on this stone and others in the Toishi Ohishi range can be found by clicking here.

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