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Sterling Tool Works LLC

We are excited to announce that Classic Hand Tools will be carrying tools from Sterling Tool Works LLC. We have on order the Saddle-Tail (in all 3 slopes) and their new Plane Hammer.

They will be landing here in the UK early September but are available for pre order on our website, click here to view more information on both.

This has come about after Alex’s rather steep learning curve with Chris Schwarz building the Dutch Tool Chest in the USA and The Anarchist Tool Chest last week. The Saddle-Tail was staring at Alex from Chris’ tool chest and he had to have a go! Chris carries the 1:4 in his tool chest and this is the one Alex has used on both of the chests he has recently built. It is the best designed and built marking tool he has seen. Really looking forward to seeing the new Plane Hammer, it promises to be a cracker!

Interested to hear what other people have to say about these tools…

Christopher Schwarz, Publisher at Lost Art Press, Previous Editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Blog: 2013 Anarchists gift guide day 7

“If you use a dovetail marker, this is the best one I’ve encountered yet.”

Megan Fitzpatrick, Editor of Popular Woodworking; Blog on WIA (bottom of the page)

Kieran Binnie, Luthier and woodworker and fellow student on The Anarchist Tool Chest course with New English Workshop “Over the Wire Blog”

Sterling Dovetail Marker Review

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