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Bad Axe Tool Works Saws Coming to Classic Hand Tools

BA_MEDBad Axe Tool Works makes saws as they would have appeared fresh out of a 19th Century American sawmaker’s shop. Why Bad Axe? Well the answer is quite simple….. Bad Axe is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan where the saws are made.

10″ Dovetail Saw

(will be here in time for christmas)


“You’ll love the balance and the way it cuts with the hammer-set thin-plate toothline. Moreover, you’re in the drivers seat in determining how the look of the saw conforms with your personal aesthetic.” 

There are 5 handle sizes for this saw – X-Small, Small, Regular, Large & X-Large. With Brass slotted nuts “Bad Axe Tool Works” medallion inserted into handle.

The Hang Angle gives you complete control – Comfortable highly-figured 19th-century patterned hickory handle with the kind of hang angle that gets you behind the push stroke instead of riding awkwardly on top of it. The Bad Axe regular handle is based on a hand size range from 3 5/8″ to 3 7/8″ (approx 88 – 94mm). The weight & mass of the carbon steel back provides just the right heft & balance for starting & maintaining a straight cut-line without forcing the cut.

The .018″ gauge plate with its hammer-set toothline slices through wood like a new razor, leaving behind an exceptionally clean, thin kerf. The .018″ gauge is able to cut effectively up to 1 1/4″ (32mm) stock while still dealing with thin stock just fine. Premium-grade Swedish Spring Steel, RC50-52.

The Pitch on these dovetail saws is 15ppi (points per inch) and that hits that sweet spot where action meets heft, balance and smoothness of cut.

If you are interested in placing an order, head over to our website to see more details here.

Limited stock will be available from December 18 2015 in time for Christmas. If you pre-order this saw with other items, we will hold your order and ship together.

We will be stocking more Bad Axe Tool Works Saws in 2016 – if you have any specific requirements please e-mail us and we can add this to our next order.

This what the maker says:

“Why a 12″ dovetail saw? Because you’ve never tried a 12″ dedicated dovetail saw before. Have you? You’re going to love the way a longer toothline in a lighter, yet longer saw makes for a far more accurate cut with fewer chances of dithering off course?”

So it is 2″ longer which may be for you. In all other respects (handle size, PPI, gauge etc) it has the same specification as the 10″ dovetail saw.

Prices include VAT

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