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Pine Feroda

Pine Feroda is the collective name used by five artists working together in the South West of England to make large scale, dramatic woodblock prints. Pine was formed in November 2013 as a four day experimental workshop in the making of collaborative prints. The stimulus and energy of this collaboration has resulted in the creation of a new identity – Pine Feroda.

“Our ‘first phase’ has been to make a body of work with stylistic and technical coherence. To this end we have made, so far, five large prints inspired by the extraordinary coast of North Devon. This film captures a part of the process, which has resulted in the sixth print ‘Morning Light’. We are now working towards a major exhibition (to be announced in due course) in May 2016.”

“All creative decisions are taken collectively, and this requires a great deal of coordination, discussion time and tact. The benefit of this way of working is that, with five artists collaboratively engaged, a tremendous creative energy is unleashed and things get done fast.”

Pine Feroda video by Artisan Media

Artisan Media are a small independent production company based in North Wales, UK, specialising in films about craft.

They also produce and publish DVDs & Books on various crafts including woodworking and quilting, which we stock at Classic Hand Tools.

Making Woodblock Prints by Meryln Chesterman & Rod Nelson

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