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Handworks 2017

Handworks 2017 Eve

Handworks 2017 Eve

Last night we drank, we ate, we laughed and we prepared ourselves for what is going to be an incredibly busy but awesome day.  The doors to Handworks 2017 open at 10am here with many vendors offering either limited supplies of their tools or something people just can’t wait to get the hands on.


Most of the folks I have spoken to have already submitted themselves to the fact that they probably won’t be leaving their stand all day and lunch will have to wait until Sunday.  But the one thing they all have in common, that doesn’t bother them one bit!


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed from being involved in shows like this it’s that, through all the pain and stress, the tool makers, authors, furniture builders and magazine editors wouldn’t change a thing (for the most part!).  They love to be here just as much as the crowds of visitors that are queuing out the doors. 


Ryan Saunders

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