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Who Forged Your Gransfors Bruk Axe?

Gransfors Bruk from Sweden are famous for their axes and edge tools. They have been hand forging tools for over 100 years and have a deserved reputation for their quality and product range.

Each axe is individually made so you can identify which blacksmith created your axe. The blacksmiths complete their work by stamping the Gränsfors Bruk logo and their own initials into the axe head, as a declaration that the axe has been well made and approved by the blacksmith.

Blacksmiths currently forging at Gränsfors Bruk

AS – Anders Strömstedt
BK – Kahsai Beyene
CS – Christian Sjölund
EB – Erik Blixt
EE – Emil Bohjort Engberg
ES – Erik Sjöström
EW – Eseyas Brhane
JB – Jonas Berglund
LH – Linus Hejmer
MB – Mattias Blixt
MF – Martin Forslund
MS – Mikael Sundberg
TT – Tobias Thelin

Blacksmiths who have forged at Gränsfors Bruk

AM – Anders Magnusson
CK – Claudia Kowalek
CM – Christoffer Malm
DF – David Faxby
DG – Daniel Gräntz
DP – Domingo Gas Pallarés
HD – Henrik Danielsson
HF – Håkan Frank
JE – Joakim Eriksson
JH – John Hårdsten
JMH – Jessica Mona Hassel
KB – Kyle Benkwitz
LP – Lennart Pettersson
MH – Marcus Hulin
MM – Mattias Mattsson
KS – Kjell-Åke Sjölund
LE – Lars Enander
PJA – Paul James Alford
PH – Patrik Hansson
RA – Rune Andersson
UN – Ulrik Nilsson
US – Ulrika Stridsberg

The Gransfors Bruk story

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