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Classic Hand Tools Develop Their Skills With Local Course Providers

Mike, Mary and Fraser recently completed a 5 day course making a chair with Cretingham Crafts

Stewart taught them all aspects of making a chair without using glue or wedges. The magic of green woodworking. They learnt how to use various hand tools including drawknives, froes and spokeshaves to develop skills including cleaving, shaving, tenoning, steam bending and weaving the seats. You do not need any previous experience and all the tools are provided for you.

Fantastic chairs made by all of them and a course to be recommended, described as relaxing by some….

Last week Joy and Mary spent a couple of days on the Sudbourne Printmakers workshop developing their woodcut printing skills. A wonderful location to do a course, including a trip to the local pub at lunchtime – can’t be bad! The workshops run with 4 people creating woodblock prints and 4 people etching – 2 tutors with each group. As well as creating their prints using different methods Joy and Mary learnt about how to use the tools including sharpening them (something lots of people are wary of doing).

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