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A Bit of Background

I don’t remember exactly when I realised I had a passion for woodworking, but I do remember the phases I went through at the time.

I started out, like so many others, having been bitten by the power tool bug. I remember constantly scouring the internet for more videos, more woodworking websites, and more free plans to feed my rapidly growing interest.

At one point, in particular, it was wooden gears and wooden machinery that fascinated me.

I remember thinking how much skill and invested time it must take to produce such incredible work. I eventually felt confident enough to give something a go but was quick to put myself down when I realised I didn’t have any power tools or even a half-decent hand tool to make the most basic of projects.

I began asking for whatever tools I was most interested in for Christmas or birthday presents, as well as pinching bits and pieces from my Dad’s tools. I had some decent files, screwdrivers, a hammer, various measuring devices, and a couple of hard point saws, but nothing I could do much woodworking with.

Finally, my parents got the hint, and for my birthday I received a 2100w plunge router! I’d wanted one from the moment I found an interest in woodworking, and I knew it could do anything and allow me to make anything I wanted or at least that is what I thought at the time!

So that was the start. Despite my many mistakes I haven’t lost my passion for woodworking, indeed I am as hooked on this thing more than ever! I am more of a hand tool guy now and I will be blogging for Classic Hand Tools over the next few months and years (I hope!) on all sorts of woodworking stuff – I hope you stay tuned!


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