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Classic Hand Tools at Handworks

If you weren’t able to attend the Midlands Woodworking Show  or Yandles Spring Show  over the past few weeks, then I’m sorry to tell you, you really missed out! I had a blast chatting with everyone and seeing lots of new and familiar faces and they were both great shows to attend, as always.

If you were there and not sure if you did see us, I seemed to attract a fair bit of attention to my hand cranked (meat powered) grinder. But it’s not something I have just for show.

To most people’s surprise, it really is the tool I use to do all my grinding chores, on a regular basis. And before you say it: yes, it can just as quickly overheat the steel (as fast as an electric grinder); no, it doesn’t take me any longer than using an electric grinder; and finally, no, it’s not very difficult to use (once you’ve got the rhythm, it’s like riding a bike, you won’t forget how).

If you didn’t get a chance to take a look, then fear not! I’ll have it with me for you to have a go yourselves at various other shows throughout the rest of the year (see below) and there are a few bits over on my Instagram  that should satisfy those of you that just can’t wait.

Talking of other shows, if you didn’t already know, Classic Hand Tools (CHT) will be at all the shows listed below, as will I, trying not to mess up in front of any of you.

Weald Wood Show – 17th-18th June

IBTC Open Day – 24th June

Yandles Woodworking Show – 8th-9th September

European Woodworking Show – 16th-17th September

North of England Woodworking Show – 17th-19th November

So pop by if you can, say Hi, and get your hands on some tools.  Shows like these really are the best way to ‘Try before you buy.’

This year, I’m pleased to announce, I will also be attending Handworks in Amana, Iowa, USA and I’ll be there to meet as many of you as I can as well as representing CHT. So if you happen to be stateside and have any questions, you’ll find me wearing a European Woodworking Show top and, more than likely, ogling over the likes of BenchCrafted, Lake Erie Toolworks, Bad Axe, Sterling Toolworks, and all the other stands and exhibitors.

If you can’t make it, I’ll also be posting updates on the show here, as well as some other woodworking related fun that I’ll be up to whilst I’m there. But, if you want to be the first to know, head over to my Instagram and give me a follow there as well as CHT’s and EWS 2017 Instagram accounts.

So watch this space over the coming months to keep up to date on what we (CHT and myself) are up to.

Ryan Saunders

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